In-Car Air Quality Innovation

It sounds obvious but the air you breath is important, not just that you get enough, but that it’s clean. Just like our taste buds go blind to a higher than healthy sodium level in our diet our noses go blind to air that’s not really fit to breath. For people with asthma or COPD the air must be clean or they’re in danger, but even if it’s not a health risk, it’s unpleasant to breath bad air.

Crispify: Air quality monitoring for Uber

The startup is looking to transform the in-vehicle climate control environment by merging data science with advanced technologies. The automotive industry has made tremendous technological leaps over the past decade, evolving into hybrid, electric and even autonomous vehicles capable of self-navigation.

Announcing the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off startups

Next week, TechCrunch is hosting Early Stage — a virtual bootcamp for founders to gain the critical insight needed to launch and scale their companies. Day one is all about how-to’s. What about day two? April 2 is the inaugural TC Early Stage Pitch-Off featuring 10 exceptional early-stage startups.

Israeli startup introduces tech that can detect coronavirus in cars

The system by Crispify alerts drivers to dangerous pollutants in real-time, and predicts their reappearance in the future, reportedly destroying 99.9% of various viruses, including coronavirus.

Avis backs Israeli startup that claims it can detect Coronavirus in your car

The Israeli startup's system monitors the air we breathe in the car, and alerts to any hazardous changes in the quality of air, including COVID.

מהאוויר, מהים ומהיבשה: הסטארט-אפים מנסים לחדור לשוק הרכב מכל כיוון אפשרי

לצד חברות האוטו–טק המבוססות, מופיעות מתחת לרדאר עוד ועוד חברות צעירות שמפתחות טכנולוגיות מרתקות