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IAA 2019 is the largest automotive event in the world, hosting over 40 start-ups at the New Mobility World Lab. Crispify is honoured to be chosen as exhibitors at this prestigious event and thankful for investing your valuable time to visit our booth. We hope your time at the IAA was productive and enjoyable.

Since IAA is so overwhelming, here is a short brief on Crispify's solutions and technology:


Crispify is an innovative automotive air quality management system that works to revolutionise in-cabin user experience.

Crispify patent pending system is a cutting edge in-cabin air quality management solution. It is designed to offer car manufacturers, fleet operators, ride-sharing services and future autonomous vehicle transportation the healthiest ride possible. Crispify has the power to transform any climate control system in to a state-of-the-art fully automated smart air filtration solution. Thus, enabling drivers and passengers an exceptional user experience in terms of wellness, comfort and safety.

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